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Here is what this guide will provide...
checkmark A clear understanding of why you have silverfish in your home.
checkmark A list of the conditions silverfish need in order to survive and directions on how to alter these conditions.
checkmark How to identify "problem areas" in your home (Problem areas are places that silverfish use to access your home or use as safe refuge during the daytime.)
checkmark A list of food items that silverfish depend on and step by step instructions on how to prevent them from accessing this sustenance.
checkmark A clear understanding of the silverfish breeding cycle and how to break it - this is the real key to solving the problem once and for all.
checkmark An understanding of why silverfish return again and again, plus step-by-step instructions on what to do to make sure they don't come back.
Silverfish Control: The Ultimate Guide to Get Rid of Silverfish is the ideal solution for anyone suffering from a silverfish infestation, and let me tell you why...
checkmark This solution requires no chemicals or pesticides.
checkmark This solution does not involve the use of Boric Acid.
checkmark This solution requires no experience at all.
checkmark This solution is 100% safe for children.
checkmark This solution is 100% safe for animals.
In an effort to make sure this guide isn't out of anyone's reach, I am offering my solution to you at the discounted price of only $19.95. At this price it is affordable to everyone and much cheaper than what you would pay an exterminator.
Also, don't forget to send in your testimonials once you've read and used the book. I am always looking for good feedback to share with internet visitors to my web site.
Let me ask you this: is $19.95 worth it? Well, compare that to the cost of a local pest control exterminator and you will agree... Yes, it's well worth it!


“I used to see silverfish in my kitchen every day and now I haven't seen one in weeks!”

Subject: Big Thank You
Wednesday, April 13 2011

“Hi Bob,
I want to express my thanks and appreciation for your silverfish solution. I was wondering if I was ever going to get over this problem or just have to live with these critters for the rest of my life.
I live in an apartment in Hertfordshire, a little ways north of London, and I have had a bad silverfish problem for a number of years since moving in to my current apartment. I found your website online and thought I would give it a try. What a difference it has made! I used to see silverfish in my kitchen every day and now I haven't seen one in weeks! Thank you again. I was very satisfied by your informative and enjoyable ebook.”
- Nancy Robinson,
Hertfordshire UK  

“I wish I found this e-book YEARS ago!”

Subject: Thank You, Bob
Friday, May 14 2010

“Hello Mr. Haskins,
I have had silverfish in my home for a very long time. Usually I would see them in my bathroom about once a week but I didn't really think it was a big deal.
I guess I finally got fed up with living in a bug infested home and I decided to do something about it.
I was very interested in your ebook because it promised a solution that didn't involve using any chemicals. I have a young toddler who is always putting things in his mouth and I was worried about using chemicals on the floor and walls.
I just wanted to thank you for the lovely ebook. I wish I found this e-book YEARS ago! I would have loved to be living without silverfish in my house for more than just the past two months.

Thank you again.”
- Sharon Connolly
Chilliwack, British Columbia  

“I just want to say THANK YOU”

Subject: Congratulations!
Wednesday, June 4th 2008

“Hi Bob,
I just want to say THANK YOU for solving this problem for me. You're right about silverfish being embarrassing little bugs. They never really did me any harm but I'm sure glad I don't have to worry about them anymore. Thanks again!”
- Gerald Garnett,
Mansfield, Ohio

“The Pest Control Company Didn't Work ”

Subject: Silverfish product
Wednesday, September 12th 2009

“Hi Bob,
I had silverfish bugs in my home for many years. I used to have a pest control company come by my apartment once every few months but it didn't work and I kept seeing silverfish from time to time. After reading your book I understand why! Thank you for helping me get my home bug-free!”
- Martha Johnson,
San Diego, California

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